A Fully Integrated

Aluminum Manufacturing and Assembly Solution

One-Stop Aluminum Solution for Multiple Industries

From industrial profile, CNC machined parts, to aluminum end-use products, FINE's technical knowledge and broad market experience allow us to deliver specialized services across the entire project life cycle.

With this approach, we take on the challenging demand from the industries of Home Decoration, Transportation, Electronics, Advertising, Medical Equipment and more.

Optimized Aluminum Machining Technologies

From extrusion we have different kinds of extrusion sizes machines Max for 10000T Extuder for big size Profile

Need a super wide aluminum extrusion? We can help. Our aluminum profile capabilities range from industry standard extrusions to intricate custom designs to meet your specific needs, including large, wide and heavy profiles. 600T to 10000T in-house extruders allow us to supply our clients with some of the widest, most complex multi-void hollows in the industry.

Aluminum Fabrication: Up to ±0.001'' Precision

If you have a project for which aluminum will be the most appropriate material, we have the capacity to create precise aluminum fabrication designs, refined to your exact requirements. By using state-of-the-art CNC machinery, our fabricators can help bring your final dimension to a perfect fit with your design, within ±0.001'' tolerance, which is a leading preference in the industry.

Complete Solutions for Aluminum Extrusion Finishing

At FINE we provide our clients with the complete solution. Utilizing our expert aluminum finishing skills, we can craft components required surface treatments and aluminum finishes, helping to improve their durability and practicality. The most frequently used surface treatments are Anodizing, Electrophoretic Painting, and Powder Coating.

Technology Deep Dive: Intelligent Aluminum Machining

Take A Real Look at FINE Machining

For over 20 years now, FINE has been developing the best technologies for the industrial aluminum profile industry. Now we invite you to take a look at our machines under actual production conditions – regardless of whether you already visit our factory or have yet to take a final decision on a pending acquisition project.

Technology supports on every Steps. From drawing to final products. We all support on your solution

About FINE

Efficient, flexible and tailor-made solutions provider.

FINE is an innovative and reliable Chinese supplier of industrial aluminum profiles, parts and end-use products. A highlight in our offer is our integrated manufacturing system which demonstrates our all-round experience in fabrication, finishing, assembly and packaging.

Backed by a 20,000㎡ production plant and over 40 machines, everything we serve to our clients and everything we consider on ecological interests, is technology driven. From custom design, to lean fabrication, our services are of high quality and still improving further.

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